Put the Jazz in Jazzy J

Introspect with some jazz and a joint.. Cheers

Hello there!

I’d like to tell you all about this week’s Hippie Speedball recipe, the Jazzy J. I started indulging in the occasional Jazzy J during an online course on the history of jazz that I took during my time in college. While it’s safe to say that I didn’t gain much from the course, it did inspire me to start using my favorite pick-up line: ya like jazz?

The Jazzy J is for, what I like to call, an easy morning. That kind of morning that really doesn’t care if you chill on your beanbag until God-knows-when with your face buried in a YA novel. Or maybe the kind that puts some rhythm into your omelet-flipping. Definitely the kind of morning that fries your lungs so badly that you’d sound correct singing this line:


I see trees of green…

– Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World



    • Joint(s), sized to preference, of a primarily herbal-tasting(i.) sativa or sativa-hybrid (ii.)
    • Headphones
    • A solid, reliable jazz album or playlist that doesn’t get too weird. Hey, I made a playlist on Spotify specifically for the Jazzy J! You should check it out!
      • If you’re not typically a jazz listener, a trick to find a good album is by looking at an artist’s page on a music service to find a top song, then web-searching the album to see how well it was received.
      • I personally recommend albums from Ella Fitzgerald (Ella and Louis), Miles Davis (Kind of Blue), Herbie Hancock (Head Hunters, though this one gets a bit weird), and Charles Mingus (The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady) to start things off.
  • Coffee beans from the Caribbean, preferably Cuban, medium-dark roast
  • Lighter
  • A low-energy, immersive activity, such as a fun book to read or a low-stress video game
  • A nice floor surface to stretch on
  • A comfy seat

The Happening

  1. Good morning, friend 🙂 Take your time getting up. We’re in no rush.
  2. Grab your music kit and go have a glass of water. It’ll be nice.
  3. Queue up that jazz, and turn up the volume! The goal for the Jazzy J is for us to experience full immersion in everything that we do. Create an ocean of jazz in your headphones and dive on in.
  4. Brew your Cuban coffee beans as you like. If some is already made, go ahead and indulge in some laziness.
  5. Take a seat, neighbor, and light up that doobie. Really feel the smoke as it enters you and focus on tasting the herbal delight.
  6. How’s the jazz? Is it fucking weird? Yeah, most of those musicians were using drugs, so their music followed suit. But hey, so are you.
  7. Once you’re done, dispose of the roach in an environmentally friendly manner, and have a sit on the nice floor surface for stretching. Do some stretches to loosen up your hips and your shoulders.
    1. Upward and Downward Dog
    2. Camel
    3. Extended Side Angle
    4. Butterfly
  8. Great job! Now, enter a state of supreme comfort, and indulge in your mental candy. Veg out with a stress-less activity and enjoy the jazz.


I don’t know about you, but writing the conclusion for a blog post isn’t my idea of mental candy, so imma peace out. So, in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, this article is “over Anakin, I have the high…”




i. FOOTNOTE: Having a flavor profile in mind is a useful tool for buying cannabis with specific effects. Flavor is mainly dictated by terpenes and flavonoids, which react with cannabinoids to produce the distinguishing characteristics of different strains and grows

ii. WRITER NOTE: A good strain for this is San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG

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